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   This is insane. How the hell are two teenagers going to secretly release 200 test subjects without being noticed by the many guards and matching scientists?! I have no idea what I'm doing. I guess it's nice to be out of that damn cage, don't get me wrong. But...starting a rebellion? I can't even wrap my head around it. I glanced over to Leo as he is walking me down the hall again to go to a control room. I study his facial expression, his smile, his excited eyes. Wow. I never noticed how handsome he is. Such perfect teeth. "Luna?" Leo asks with a smirk. I jolt. Crap. He must think I was checking him out. I simply clear my throat and put my arms across each other. "Yeah? What is it?" I said with a bit of attitude. He chuckled. "Oh nothing, you were just staring at me. I know my sexy looks are hard to resist, but we need to stay focused." he said, staring straight ahead. My face turned hot and red and I just remain silent. God, Luna. Get yourself together. 

    After a few awkward glances and chuckles, we arrive to the control room. It has a huge steel locked door and it's actually quite intimidating. I glance up to the corner of the door and I see a camera. Thank god Leo made me change into jeans and a hoodie. Otherwise I would be put away in isolation and who knows what would happen to Leo. I notice Leo get an ID card out of his lab coat pocket and he swipes it on a scanner. Hmm...they really have approved. You used to have to get your hand scanned. I know this because I once had a cage close to the control room so I could spy on the scientists. "Okay Luna. You ready?" Leo asked in confidence. I give him a worried look and barely nod. "Great! have to put this on. While you were asleep, I had some help give the other subjects one." he says as he gives me a gas mask. Seriously? Out of all things, I have to have a freaking gas mask. 

    I sigh and put it on. It's a bit snug but it will do. Leo slips his gas mask on and rolls up his lab coat sleeves, proceeding to type in some codes into a computer. Suddenly, I hear the click of Mary's heels down the hall and I slap Leo's shoulder. I could hear him giggle through his mask and he turns around, a crazed look in his eyes. I step back a few steps and he grabs my hand and slips down his gas mask to whisper in my ears, "It's game time." as he hands me some kind of gun. He puts on his mask again and we run out of the control room. We could hear yelling and screams coming from the area for the subjects. I look over and there are subjects running out of their cages and away to the large door that is the exit to humanity. I'm shocked. This is crazy! 

    I glance at the ground and I see scientists on their knees, chocking and gagging. That's when I realize Leo must have released some kind of airborne poison. We keep running and running until we get to the exit. Suddenly, someone grabs my shoulder. It's Mary Kin and she's gagging on her words, "I will find you...and...I WILL". I stay frozen in fear and Leo forcefully takes me away and runs us to the woods. I know, lovely location for a testing place, right? We just run and run...not knowing where we are heading. Anywhere but there is better.

    The sunlight is hurting my eyes and skin. Damn, was the sun always this bright? I still can't shake what Mary said. I was trembling from the thought. Of course, I was also trembling from running so far, but still. We finally reach an abandoned house, complete with creepy rocking chair on the porch! There was 4 other subjects with us. The rest must have gone their own way. All of us take our gas masks off. We all look at each other, studying our faces and bodies. There was two boys and one girl. It was the little girl from before! Her blue yes where filled with tears and her blonde hair was filled with knots. She still had her bunny. I walked over to her and sat down. "Hey made it..." I say gently to her. She sniffles and runs up and gives me a huge hug, sobbing on my hoodie. I wrap my arms around her and pet her knotted hair. 'It's okay... I'm so sorry for what they did. I'm here for you." I say as I wipe her tears away.

    She sniffles one more time and starts to talk. "I-I'm scared..." she said weakly. "Don't be. I'll protect you. What's your name?" I ask. "I'm....I'm Yumi. W-What about you?" she asks. I smile and I brush her hair out of her eyes. "I'm Luna." I notice the girl has a rash over her mouth. Must be a side affect of the chemical they put in her. Sick bastards. I stand up and I say hello to the other subjects. There's a boy named Jack, who"s about 17. He has cat ears and a tail. A bit odd, but I have a mutation of my own. The other one is named Hiro, who's about Yumi's age, maybe a year older. He glows. GLOWS. That truly is amazing. I wish I glowed.

    After we all introduced each other, Leo went over the plan. Apparently, he set up this house with food, weapons, clothes and rebellion signs and such. Well... I guess we are a little family now. As we were about to head inside, we hear rustling in the bushes and then out of nowhere, something pounces on me. I can't see. It's so heavy. Help...


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